Practical Accounting & Tax for
Small & Medium Businesses

The current UK accounting and tax environment is a minefield of constantly changing legislation, made ever more confusing by a myriad of politically-driven media headlines. In addition to this, your business is operating under a tax authority (H M Revenue & Customs) that has undergone massive changes in recent years and which is itself under pressure to collect the most amount of tax for the least amount of official resources.  I can offer you some practical assistance in this challenging environment, including:

  • Practical advice on general day-to-day business taxes such as VAT and PAYE
  • A “joined-up” approach to the business and personal tax burdens of running a UK business
  • Bookkeeping, training and assistance
  • Preparation of Financial Statements and submissions to Companies House
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns to H M Revenue & Customs

To find out how I can help you and your business, get in touch.